Our Story

Our journey began on a rainy day in Spring 2006 as my mother, Maria, was on her way to bring breakfast to a friend. Little did she know that her good deed would change her life forever. While driving down a busy Georgia highway, in the pouring rain, she noticed a vehicle traveling on the opposite side of the road at a high rate of speed. As the distance between her vehicle and the other vehicle narrowed she noticed the other vehicle hydroplane and lose control. In that instance she did all she could to avoid the accident and instead collided head on. My mother clutched her hands so tight around the steering wheel, to brace for the impact, that when the two vehicles collided the bones in her wrists and elbows shattered and protruded through her skin. As you can imagine when I received the phone call from the hospital my heart sank and the absolute worst scenario ran through my head. I rushed to the hospital to find my mother bandaged from head to toe, unable to talk and unable to move. By the grace of God my mother survived the accident. Over the next several years through surgeries, rehabilitation, determination and strong will my mother was able to regain limited mobility of her extremities.

My mother had always had a love and fascination for unique jewelry. She had always enjoyed browsing around looking for a piece of jewelry that had a meaning and that touched her soul.

One evening my mother approached me with the idea to create “One-Of-A-Kind Pieces For One-Of-A-Kind Lives” and I thought the idea was brilliant but who was going to create the pieces. “I will” she said. “The pieces may not be created quickly but they will be created uniquely” Amazing, that years after her accident she wanted to use her disabled extremities to help people find their unique pieces.

I love the idea because everyone has a story to tell. We want to help you tell that story. We make unique hand-made pieces because just as everyone’s story is unique we want all of our pieces to be unique. As our customer we hope that you will find that “One-Of-A-Kind” piece for you or a loved one.

Our promise to you is that you are always going to be our number one priority when it comes to service, price, selection and uniqueness.                                          

Thank you for reading our story. We can't wait to create a piece that tells yours.